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tv   News  ABC  May 11, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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york, pennsylvania. otherwise most of us are in the 40s. we'll have the increasing clouds over the next couple of hours. we'll get that sun up, already seeing something over the eastern sky but give it a couple of hours and the clouds take over, even rain back in the mountains start to move in, early in the afternoon. we'll call it breezy, high of 58, that's our 2-degree guarantee. normally we should be lower 70s. it will feel chilly as we stay in the 50s with the rain continuing through this evening. 5:30. back to traffic. >> traffic is off to a good start, fairly quiet around the major roads so far. if you're headed to the dc area no problems on 95 as you head towards the capitol beltway. bw parkway is checking in incident-free as well. on 695 looking good at harford road, both loops, very light volume moving at speed, no problems as we look at the west side at liberty road, people tapping on the brakes past the liberty road exit but really no issues as you head towards i-70 and the baltimore national pike. further down here at frederick road traffic is moving at a good pace on the outer loop
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heading towards i-95. back to you. 5:30. today investigations into the massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico get underway. two in washington, one in new orleans. they are asking what went wrong. this is day 22 of the oil spill and this morning crews are using a deep sea robot to try to curb oil rushing from a blown-out well in the gulf of mexico. now they are using chemicals to dilute the flow and bp officials say the procedure was approved by the epa and estimated four million gallons of leak so far. with hurricane season approaching you know time is of the essence. >> if that does come ashore and hits the marshlands it will be worse than 10 katrinas. >> blackhawk helicopters are being used to stack one-ton stacks of sand along the barrier islands. in an effort to help those affected by the spill lenny kravitz and other headliners will be in new orleans sunday for a benefit concert.
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the money raised will go towards wetland restoration and two south louisiana fishermen not working. >> we are losing out on a lot. >> it will take three months to drill. >> an area in the gulf of mexico affected by oil spills has been closed to all fishing. you can follow the latest developments on the story by logging on to find our special gulf oil spill section at our news time is now 5:32. a baltimore city couple faces numerous charges in connection with what police say are hundreds of fraudulent tax filings. a married couple, tyrone and twanna campbell owned a business known as phoenix tax world. they had three locations, east and northeast baltimore. authorities say they made information about income and gents to get bigger refunds for customers so they could keep part of the money for themselves. >> the defendants maintained a
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book where they had names and birth dates of real people and social security numbers and just put those numbers on the tax returns of other people. >> so, investigators say 600 returns were fraudulent. in just three years. from 2006 to 2009. the returns totaled more than $1 million. the prosecutor says if customers received a larger return than they deserved the government is likely to come looking for it. though, unless the customer knew about the fraud they would not face criminal charges. now to the latest on the bge bill. the utilities wants to increase the rates it charges for delivery of electricity and gas. bge says 1% to 4% increases are necessary to cover costs including tree trimming, wiring poles and meters. the bge company says that because of the cost of power itself most of the customers won't see the increase. gas prices in baltimore still going up.
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2.5 cents a gallon in the past week. averaging $2.84 a gallon. the national average jumped to $2.93 a gallon. a chance to save you money. dunkin' donuts offers iced coffee today for free. from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. you can stop by and get a 16-ounce cup at participating locations. this is part of their 60th birthday celebration. the company says it wants to thank all their customers. saddle up, enjoy the preakness pee wee style. >> and yung jocys get the -- young jockies get the chance to test their racing skills. >> and from tennessee, an amazing story of survival. first the weather. >> 5:34, clear skies, 46 degrees, sun coming up and you'll see it for the first couple of hours. unfortunately, that east/northeasterly wind is chilly, moist and clouds coming from the west, closing in on maryland. it will turn out to be a chilly wet finish. more on that coming up.
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5:34. let's go to mark jones. >> good morning. the commute start is good on marc, no delays on the camden, penn, or brunswick lines. light rail and metro subway on schedule. number 3 bus express and 120 commuter bus still diverting downtown at fayette and st. paul. and number 33 using cold spring between harford and hillen due to road work on argonne drive.
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>> ed rodeo is coming to town. more than 200 longshoremen will operate, multiton pieces of farm equipment and farm equipment during training exercises for the 14th annual row, row rodeo. it will be held at the port of baltimore and this is the cargo that can be driven off the ship. another big event going on today, jocke s approaching -- a great announcer in charlestown. anyway, this is the pee wee preakness. ages 10 and under. they will race to the finish line. other activities include arts
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and crafts and games. the event is free and open to the public. >> very good. >> thank you very much. now here he is, justin berk. scratch it, justin berk. >> yeah, scratch. put it back in. 5:39. good morning. we've got 46 degrees, a chilly start but it's 10 degrees warmer than it was yesterday when we were locked in the 30s and dealing with frost. sort of an improvement. we still got 30s north and west of the area. 33 now in york, but from hagerstown to oakland, maryland, low 40s. same story eastern shore, easton 41 degrees. under a clear sky it should make for a pretty sunrise and beautiful start to the day albeit chilly. clouds racing from the west. if you can see the left side of the screen rain just pushing into garrett county, that is the stuff that will try to arrive as we head through early afternoon. this morning look for sun giving way to increasing clouds, by this afternoon, anywhere between 1:00 to 3:00 we'll start to see rain. temperatures reach 58 as our
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2-degree guarantee. then slide through the 50s with steadier rains for the afternoon ride home, and into the evening. more on the preakness weather outlook coming up. right now 5:39, here's kim brown. >> glad to know this morning's commute is going to be a dry one on the roads. really quiet so far, peeking at the drive times. looking good around the area on the outer loop from bel air to providence, only five minutes. three minutes on 95 southbound from whitemarsh boulevard to the beltway and on the top side between 83 and the jfx, one minute. one crash in harford county, in street, grier nursery road south of davis road, police on scene there. they are providing a detour. linda so has the latest on one of this morning's top stories. >> reporter: good morning. deadly storms leave behind a path of destruction. i'm linda so. what people in the southern plains are waking up to. >> it's the county's second largest bridge. i'm sherrie johnson in owings mills. i'll tell you all about a ribbon cutting to open that
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scary day in the southern plains. tornadoes swept through oklahoma and kansas. this morning they have a lot of destruction. linda so is here with the recovery efforts this morning. >> reporter: it will take a lot of time and effort for things to return to normal. at least five people were killed and dozens injured. homes destroyed and thousands are without power this morning. the storms were part of a violent weather system that spawned tornadoes, widespread destruction led to the closure of i-40, a major route near oklahoma city. in kansas the most serious damage happened in belmont. a giant twister was caught on video when it touched down in oklahoma in front of a store. quick-thinking employees herded customers into a giant walk-in cooler. they all made it out alive. >> three of us, kind of like trapped in there holding the door shut praying to god we don't die and everyone else is safe. >> reporter: we have an interactive link on our web site that lets you follow tornadoes as they happen. log on to
5:45 am, you will be able to ride along with storm chasers as they stream it live. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. it's 5:44. after two years of construction and way ahead of schedule the dolefield bridge in owings mills is set to open this morning at 11:00. sherrie johnson is live to tell us what this means to those who live near it. >> reporter: good morning. it's going to mean things are a lot more convenient for drivers. look behind me here. of course, like you said, later this morning a number of county officials will gather right here in owings mills to open the bridge. this bridge marks the completion of the link between red run and lakeside boulevards. it's an important piece of transportation infrastructure that supports the owings mills growth area. this bridge is expected to carry about 42,000 cars and trucks daily. this project costs about $8 million and the bridge is about
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420 feet long, the second longest bridge in baltimore county. this ribbon cutting ceremony is set for 11:00 this morning and again, a number of county officials will be on hand along with jim smith who will actually cut the ribbon. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. ravens superstar lewis. the city will name a street in his honor, it will be located at the corner of north and broadway. the city council president jack young says the city is recognizing ray for his athletic achievements as well as all the donations that he makes to charities around. >> reporter: new developments coming to charm city. the national aquarium says they have big plans to build a park along a stretch of waterfront property in south baltimore. more than $5 million park will be built once crews finish the capping project of contaminating soil that lies beneath. the park is scheduled to open next spring.
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here's a look at what we're working on. foreclosure prevention forum takes place today at the hilton in columbia. plus, opening day of the university farmers market located in the park across from the university of maryland medical center. and students at the university of maryland college park will take part in their undie run, yes, to help the homeless, later tonight. 5:47. yoga week continues. we're focusing on one type ofowing that very few know about, called air yoga. it looks like trapeze artists hanging in the air but it's a class at the canton club. >> they get a workout. that's the whole idea behind coming to a gym. to get a workout. not just, you know -- stretching is good but working out and working your muscles is better. >> in this class you ditch the yoga mat and trade it in for that silk-like looking hammock you just saw. extreme stretching helps your
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muscles and strengthens your heart. check it out, the story airs at 6:00 this morning. 5:47. now 5:48. check that, live conditions here on storm center weathernet, from glenelg school. 42 degrees, winds out of the east/northeast, it's going to dominate our weather today. a look at the pre-sunrise shot, a beautiful dawn in sparrows point, 50 degrees. feels like 46. we've have that east/several wind gust, and we'll have a breeze pick up, and that combined with the increasing clouds, rainfall is going to make for a rather chilly and wet afternoon. here it is, the clouds to our north, the clouds to our west, the rain underneath that, back into west virginia and ohio. that all slides in our direction. and this storm system does mean some business here. the same storm that is spinning
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its way on in through iowa and illinois and wisconsin this morning, well, that is a storm that was responsible for those deadly tornadoes in the southern plains. it's also going to spread that way eastbound, it's getting a push to the east/southeast with large high pressure dominating eastern canada. this is a similar cool pattern we had most of the winter season. now it's going to help to really throw this storm in our direction and keep us on the cold side. the chilly rain is on the way. our forecast models indicating as we cloud up this morning the rain will try to roll in shortly after the noon hour. and by 3:00 most of us should have some form of wet weather, with the heavier rain to the west moving in, over rush hour makes for a slow ride home. periods of rain, through tomorrow morning but rainfall through daybreak tomorrow. will slowly push off the coast. we get into the warm sector at that time. skies turn partly sunny which means we get the sun out, we'll get to 80 and could pop thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. we stay unsettled with another push of cool air sliding our way on thursday.
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for today we get up to 58. that's our 2-degree guarantee. that's well below normal, of the lower 70s. it will come with rainfall so take the jacket. it will feel like we're back in early april. for tonight not much movement on the thermometer. we stay in the lower 40s. periods of rain, maybe fog. after a morning shower likely to be partly sunny tomorrow with an 80-degree temperature. some thunderstorms could follow. a cool push of air will knock us back to only 60 on thursday. by friday we get more warm air and another cold front approaching, spawning stronger storms toward the evening. that could be the best threat of severe weather outbreak as we head through friday and friday evening. on preakness saturday, looks dry, pretty nice day and dry weather should take us through sunday with sunshine and high of 75. lets check the roads with kim. >> off to a pretty good start
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though we're working one crash around the area in harford county, grier nursery road just south of davis road in street, maryland. you will see police on scene there. as we check the drive times, really all green as you make your way around the area, northbound 95 from route 100 up to 395 in the city, nine minutes. 29 southbound, all clear from i-70 to route 32, another nine minutes. on the outer loop between i-70 approaching the 95 corridor, six minutes. really no problems here on the northeast side at harford road, traffic very light moving at a very good speed. this is a case all around 695 this morning. stay with us, more news, weather and traffic updates on the way. ♪
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5:54. looking at some of the other top stories -- the president's pick for the supreme court plans to begin meeting with senators tomorrow in preparation for her upcoming confirmation hearings. if confirmed solicitor general elena kagan would succeed the retiring supreme court justice john stevens. she would be the first nominee in almost 40 years without any experience as a judge.
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an incredible story of survival in the wake of the devastating floods in nashville. one family had the scare of a lifetime when their 10-year-old daughter fell into muddy runoff jetting through the drain pipe. >> i thought i was going to die. that's what i was thinking about. >> dulaney was sucked into the 18-inch drain pipe that runs 36 feet under two driveways. >> i saw delaney's green raincoat, she was face down floating in the ditch, i grabbed her, her lips were blue, she looked lifeless. >> putting aside his panic and grief her father did cpr and she came back to her family. an incredible story. amazing. even more incredible stories. all she wanted to do is get through her eight-hour shift. >> but instead this clerk ended up the target of a robbery. the customer who stepped in to
5:56 am
help. who ended up in the hospital? >> and a deer wanted some water and got a little bit more than it bargained for. the rescue for this animal back on dry land. >> get out of the way! >> somehow i don't think that thought matched the video. a new form of yoga. >> 5:56. temperatures in the 40s. after a sunny start we'll go to a cloudy wet finish and high of only 58 degrees. showers continue through tomorrow morning. maybe a thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon as we'll get back to a partly sunny 80, 60 thursday. 80s again with storms friday but right now preakness weekend looks good with sunshine and partly cloudy skies. highs in the low to mid-70s. right now let's check the roads. >> you can look forward to your commute. police cleared the scene of the earlier crash in street, maryland, so we have no incidents on the roads. traffic looking good around the
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tornadoes hit oklahoma late last night. it was destructive and deadly. at least five people are dead. >> the president says she's the right woman for the job. she says she's honored. more as elena kagan gets set to join the nation's highest court. >> and part of the master plan of owings mills. the first part is getting the bridge up and running. that happens later this morning. good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. >> it's tuesday morning. chilly one. >> let's check with meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning. 5:59. we look outside, another beautiful shot. i love looking at the camera especially when we can see something like this, sparrows point looking east. a thin ribbon of high clouds mixed in with the sunrise shots.


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